Passenger Vessels

Everything great internet is supposed to be.

Providing next generation high-speed internet to passenger vessels with an unmatched on-board experience.

Session Management

Intelligent Session Management

Viasat's experience and focus is around providing passenger-base experience management, replacing traditional bandwidth management.

  • Throughput and experience are controlled and measure on a per-passenger basis
  • At device level, allows network managers to view and control:
    • Subscriptions
    • Traffic or specific application types
    • Device types
    • Additional services

Dynamic Session Controls

Centralized, ground-based control over sessions fleet-wide

  • Highly dynamic and real-time configuration and control

3rd Party Vendor Integrations

Create and provide sessions specific for 3rd party vendor integrations

  • Specific wireless SSID or network VLANs that other services can obtain sessions
  • Sessions can be provisioned for the specific needs of the integration

Viasat Roadmap

The internet evolution has increasing demands which requires more bandwidth to maintain passenger experience at a higher cost. Our session prices utilizes Viasat's roadmap to offset internet evolution while increasing bandwidth economics lowers cost for the same passenger experience.

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