Flexible service plans that adapt to changing business needs

Forward compatibility* with our next generation of satellites to protect your investment.

*Cobham Sailor 900 Viasat-3 upgrade kit required for Viasat-3 coverage. Availablity to be announced.

Intelligent Network Management

Automated network management system with built-in traffic shaping, data deduplication, and data caching. Providing your crew and customers with best-in-class internet with maximum capacity and without sacrificing quality or cost.

  • Automated network management
  • Enterprise traffic shaping Customer vs Crew
  • Secure Traffic
  • Quality of Service (QoS)

Resilient High-Speed Connection

Providing the ultimate up-time across multiple links.

  • Viasat Networks
  • Viasat Managed Backup Connections (Cellular, WiFi)
  • Customer provided connections
  • Viasat Managed Out-of-band management

Integrated VPN

Do your employees or partners need to gain access to on board network or systems? Viasat offers customized VPN solution to meet your needs. Make the move away from remote support applications that consume your crew to an always on, seamless VPNs.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Easily scale across satellite and wireless technologies without interruption.

  • Reduce cost with our diverse and resilient connection across satellite and wireless technologies.
  • Improve performance and increase agility.
  • Peer with partners or other trusted networks.