Staying connected shouldn't stop at sea

The apps you use at the speeds you expect

Unrivaled Capacity

More performance, reliability, personalization and everything great internet is supposed to be.
No more rationing bandwidth with Viasat's unrivaled capacity.
Everyone on-board can browse the internet just like they do at home.

Charter Yacht

Download Speeds up to 50 Mbps

It just works! Let us worry about providing the best internet experience for your crew and passengers.

Leverage best-in-class satellite system from Viasat

Best-in-class communications network to power high-quality, affordable, fast connections.

Secure Network

We continuously monitor our network for vulnerabilities and exploits that may compromise your intellectual property and company secrets.

Built on the latest enterprise network trends.

We blend our Viasat network with the latest trends in SD-WAN and cloud technologies to provide our Maritime customers with the best connectivity at sea.